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Food 4 Thought Wellness 


It’s essential to take care of yourself!  Knowing what you put into your body is crucial!  But it can be so confusing at times!  Let me help you with products that have Purity, Potency and Proof.


I am a Holistic Health and Wellness Coach, and I am thrilled to be able to offer you the very best! I will work with you one-on-one to build a program specific to your needs using Whole Food Supplements, and Clinical Grade Essential Oils.

I started off taking NeoLife (whole-food) supplements over 20 years ago!  They changed my health (Epstein Barr, digestive issues, headaches, arthritis,etc..)  Showing me that choosing products that are whole-food and not synthetic is key!  This set me on a mission to find the best products possible, for not only myself, but to also help others improve their health!  I wanted products that were Based in Nature and Backed by Science!

As for Essential Oils, I'm so excited to have partnered with Améo Essential Oils!  Améo  essential oils are Clinical grade and have a benchmark they have to meet to obtain this grade!  There is zero tolerance for any contaminants!!  Essential Oils contain so many benefits for you and your family!  

I also drink Moringa Oleifera daily!  I start my day by flushing my body with these wonderful nutrients!  Moringa is an amazing botanical super food!  Also known as "The Miracle Tree!"  Ask Siri what the most nutritious plant on earth is!!   After learning of all of it's benefits, I won't go a day without Moringa Oleifera!

Being able to offer these outstanding whole-food supplements, amazing oils, (which are Clinical Grade), and Moringa Oleifera, to my family, friends, and clients gives me a peace-of-mind knowing that they are getting the very best available!

I love to feel fabulous, I eat right, exercise, and smile a lot!  I  have a 30 year old son, a 28 year old daughter, and have been married 32 years!!!  And...I just became a Grandma to a beautiful baby boy!  I am here to help YOU...just ask!!


Moringa Oleifera

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Food 4 Thought Wellness

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